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"Young Conker invades your living room! Guide a playful, pint-sized hero through your world in an ever-changing game that highlights the fun of playing in mixed reality."
―Description on Asobo Studio's website
Young Conker

Young Conker logo

Developer: Asobo Studio
Publisher: Microsoft
Release dates: 1/29/2016[1]
Genre: Platformer, action
Modes: Single player
Ratings: ESRB: Teen
System: Microsoft HoloLens
Media: Application
Input: Inertial measurement unit, 4 sensors, 1 120°×120° depth camera

Young Conker was a platform application released exclusively for the Microsoft HoloLens, featuring a "younger" version of Conker. On Asobo Studio's website it is described as:

  • Off the screen, into your world. Young Conker transforms your furniture, floors, and walls into the stage for a mixed reality platforming adventure.
  • Infinite replayability. Every level you finish becomes fresh again when you play it in a different room, or rearrange your furniture.
  • Characters react to you and your world. Conker knows he’s in a game and that you’re pulling the strings. He’ll break the fourth wall to react to you and your room.


Professor Von Kriplespac has created a doomsday weapon and Conker, acting as an agent for the SHC, must seek it out and put an end to it before it can be unleashed. Over the course of the mission his support agent Berri is kidnapped and rescued, he obtains a high tech frying pan sidekick, Conker infiltrates the Professor's secret base, and the two do battle.


Young Conker is separated out into episodes, which are further divided into chapters and levels. The only known episode at present is Spyfur, which parodies the spy genre, and has Conker change into a jumpsuit to do James Bond inspired missions, though concept art exists of other scenarios with Wild West and Pirate themes. Gameplay functions via voice or hand motion commands, either verbally telling Conker what to do or using specific hand motions like pinching or pointing to prompt his actions. Levels can consist of various completion requirements, such as collecting a set number of a specific macguffin, defeating or destroying enemies or plot objects, or reaching a goal, with levels consisting of various gameplay setpieces such as jump pads, coins, enemies, and scenery objects overlaid onto the room in which you are playing via the HoloLens' object mapping technology. As room geometry requires, the level may extend up walls or float in mid air, with Conker using various narrative devices to run on vertical surfaces or employing a helicopter pack to fly through the air as directed.



  • The game received a strong negative reception among longtime fans of Conker.
  • Chris Seavor reprises his role as Conker but does not voice Professor Von Kriplespac who is voiced by a different actor.