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Xbox Live & Co. is the multiplayer mode of Conker: Live and Reloaded. It is playable both online, via Xbox Live, and offline, via Dumbots. Players take the role of one of six, each with their own unique set of weapons, abilities, stamina, and as well as their own voice. Players either play as the S.H.C., or as the Tediz, each side with their own classes. Game-play is team-based, as there is no free-for-all mode, with the option to have up to 16 players/dumbots on the field, with no limit as to how many of one class can there be at one time (all players can play as the Grunt class, for example).



The Grunt class is the common infantrymen.


The Thermophile class is the Flamethrower wielders.


The Demolisher class uses heavy weapons and can walk on all fours.

Sky Jockey[]

The Sky Jockey class uses light weaponry and aerial combat.

Long Ranger[]

The Long Ranger class uses rifles and long range weapons.


The Sneeker class uses stealth and a dagger and a sabre.