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The Widowmaker is the main weapon of the Long Ranger class in the Xbox Live mode of Conker: Live and Reloaded.

In-Game Description[]

Long Range weapon of choice. Two modes: 7.62, Anti-Infantry and the formidable DU tip for those mobile units.

Firing Modes[]


Long Ranger Widowmaker icon

Widowmaker icon in the game menu.

Long Ranger Widowmaker modes

Firing modes for Old War (left) and Future War (right).

Long Ranger Widowmaker old

Old Widowmaker.

Long Ranger Widowmaker future

Future Widowmaker.

This is the standard firing mode for the Widowmaker. Damage can be increased against infantry by holding down the trigger. A headshot will instantly kill any infantry, regardless of range, health or charge level.

DU Tip[]

DU Tip is an anti-armor round. Similar to the 7.62mm, damage can be increased by holding down the trigger and any infantry unit hit in the head with this round will be killed instantly, regardless of range, health or charge level.


The Widowmaker has a magnified scope with 3 different levels of magnification for short, medium and long range. Only the first 2 are available by default, the final and strongest level of magnification is unlocked with an Upgrade.


The Long Ranger can shoot while standing up, kneeling down or lying prone which heavily influences the amount of scope sway he experiences, Long Rangers standing upright will suffer from the most sway but retain their ability to move while aiming, kneeling down will make scope sway more manageable but also immobilize the Long Ranger and lying prone will reduce it to an almost non-existent level at the cost of being immobilized and requiring more time to get back up than a kneeling Long Ranger.

Shot charge/Laser Sight[]

The Widowmaker can charge its shot by holding down the "fire" button, charging your shot will increase the damage up to a maximum of 3x the normal damage.

Charging your shot will activate the Widowmaker's laser sight, (SHC lasers are bright green while Tediz lasers are bright red) This laser points to wherever you rest your scope on and can be seen by enemy players, alerting them of a Long Ranger taking aim at them, the laser extends from the Long Ranger to its target, meaning that it can also give away a Long Ranger's position.

Charging a shot will completely remove scope sway, regardless of stance, Long Rangers can move around while charging.