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The Weasel Mafia

The Weasel Mafia excluding Berri.

The Weasel Mafia is a group of weasel gangsters that currently reside in the prehistoric land from the Uga Buga chapter where they run the club Rock Solid. Comprised of their leader Don Weaso and a couple Wise Guys, their objective was to get rid of the Uga-Bugas that were on their turf, so Don Weaso sent Conker to go bomb the lava dome to raise the lava level, killing off the Uga Bugas.

Later Don Weaso requested Conker's help again, asking him to rob the Feral Reserve Bank along with Berri in the Heist chapter. However it turned out that The Panther King hired Don Weaso to lure Conker into the vault in the space station so that the Panther King could kill him. In a turn of events, the airlock opened; possibly sending Don Weaso to his death. It is unknown if Don Weaso died, for he was last seen cowering behind The Panther King's throne. Whether he was alive or not, it is unknown what became of the rest of the Weasel Mafia.

In the Multiplayer Heist, 4 people can play as 1 of the Wise Guys, Don Weaso instructs the rules of the game, which is grabbing a weapon lying around the bank and to find their way to the center of the room, where the bag of cash is, they then must take it and run back to their safe area, when one of them collects 3 bags of cash they will win the game, whilst the losers are sent to "sleep with the fishes".


  • In the BFD version, each member of the weasel mafia wear different colored striped sweaters and black masks. While in L&R, all four of them wear striped red sweaters (each has a different pattern), black masks, and fingerless gloves along with blue pants.