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The Weasel Guards are two guardsmen who served the Panther King, like when they provide Milk for him. They appear in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live and Reloaded.


The two Weasel Guards look different from each other. One guard is tall and skinny whereas the other guard is short and fat. Both of them carry spears with a small flag that depicts a crown, most likely the national flag of the Panther Kingdom. Both guards wear a purple shirt depicting the same crown, except the short one's belly is exposed. Both wear pants, each with their own color: the tall one's is green while the short one's is red. Lastly, the tall guard has a steel helmet on his head, and the short one has no helmet, but small hair, and buck teeth.

In Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded[]

They served the Panther King, always getting him what he desired such as milk. They seem to be more of servants, than actual guards. The Panther King eventually puts them up to a task, and that is to find the red squirrel for his table, and to replace the broken leg, since they are "short, with red fur, a big bushy tail, and a twitchy nose". So the king doesn't accidentally drop his glass of milk while putting it on the table.

This is when Conker will find them just before he enters the Uga-Buga chapter, there Conker must pay $1,000 dollar toll for cash to pass. While the short one shits behind a boulder.

The taller one doesn't seem to be very intelligent, because Conker managed to convince him he's actually an elephant, and lies about how squirrels are big and gray, have flapping ears, and long trunks for a nose. The tall guard asks if he is sure, to which Conker confirms, and walks off onto the bridge leading to the Uga Buga chapter. The short guard finishes defecating. The tall guard points out Conker to the short and says that he is not a squirrel but an elephant. The short guard calls the tall one a "stupid twat". Conker then whistles, and his $1,000 Cash bundle hops out of the back pocket of the tall guard and back to him.

They are later seen in the ending, telling that Conker is the king, celebrating with him and guarding him after killing Heinrich. They got happy because the Panther King was not ruling anymore (due to the Panther King's death and confirms that the two didn't really like the king to begin with). The tall guard says "Long live the king!", to which him and the other characters repeatedly chant. The two Weasel Guards retain their role as guards of the king, who is now Conker. They are also seen in the intro, when Conker introduces his "bad fur day".

The two weasel appear in all of the game over screens, if Conker gets killed in any sort of fashion, they will carry any leftover remains in a bag.


  • In the cutscene where Conker pays the toll to enter the Uga-Buga chapter, the short guard's voice is different whereas in the cutscenes where Conker cannot afford to pay the toll and in the ending cutscene after Conker kills Heinrich his voice sounds much different.