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Wayne and Wankas are a group of wasps who appear in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded twice. Their group is composed of Wayne, the leader (who has a cigar in his mouth), and his two friends, one who appears skinny and the other very fat looking. In the opening cutscene of the game, they appear sneaking past a drunk Conker after they stole Mrs. Bee's hive.

In Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded[]

Mrs. Bee[]

Wayne and the Wankas appear in the "Windy" chapter. When Conker first comes to Windy, Mrs. Bee tasks him with getting her stolen hive back from the greedy wasps. When Conker picks up the hive, Wayne and the Wankas appear and see him taking "their nice new hive". Conker must then run from the stinging wasps and back to Mrs. Bee, where she proceeds to obliterate the Wankas with the in-built machine gun in her hive. According to Mrs. Bee, her husband Mr. Bee is responsible for the hive being stolen due to his leaving her for another woman.

Wasps' Revenge[]

Wayne and the Wankas once again appear and take the hive again, this time, they take it inside the Wasp Hive, Conker must then go in for a deep insurgency mission, hopping into the hive machine gun and shooting several wasps that appear out of the hive holes; after shooting all the wasps, Wayne and the Wankas appear yet again and chase Conker. When Conker returns to Mrs. Bee, she uses the machine gun again, but with more explosives, killing the trio of wasps. They are killed for good this time, as they are never seen again.


  • Mysteriously, Wayne and the Wankas are revived under unknown circumstances in Wasps' Revenge after they were killed in the Mrs. Bee chapter.
  • The wasps' hive area serves no other purpose than these two quests.
  • The music that plays during encounters with the Wasps is the same as that which plays in the fights with Haybot's first phase and the Big Big Guy later in the game.
  • Despite there being no female wasps in the hive, a Wasp Larvae appears in the doorway of their wasp hive.
  • The Wayne and the Wankas and the Wasp species act very similar to Zingers, common and recurring Wasp like enemies from the Donkey Kong Country series, an another video game series made by Rareware.