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Wasphive ex

The Wasp's Hive exterior.

The Wasp Hive is the hive home/base of the notorious Wasps, most noticeably the gang Wayne and the Wankas in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. When Conker first arrives in the Windy chapter, Mrs. Bee asks Conker to retrieve her Hive, which was right outside the Wasp's Hive. As Conker picked up Mrs. Bee's hive, Wayne along with the Wankas came flying out of their hive. Conker had to evade their stinger attacks as he carried the hive back to Mrs. Bee.

Wasphive in

The Wasp's Hive interior.

After Conker's adventure in the Uga Buga chapter, Mrs. Bee's hive had been stolen again, and Conker had to go into a


Shooting down the wave of wasps.

"deep insurgency mission". This meant that Conker had to go inside the Wasp's Hive. Inside the hive is a single, honey-coated room with various holes around the walls. A single pathway is present inside, which leads to the stolen hive. Surrounding the pathway is liquid honey, and if Conker falls into it, he'll sink into the honey, much like poo from the inside of Poo Mountain. Inside, Conker himself had to utilize the stolen hive as a Chain Gun and shoot down and kill an oncoming wave of Wasps, who clearly didn't want Conker in there. After killing about 30, Mrs. Bee came in herself and told Conker to get out of there with her hive while he had the chance. As he picks up the hive, Wayne and the Wankas come along, even though they had been killed the first time, and chase Conker as he carries the hive out of the Wasp's hive. Outside, the scenario is exactly the same as the first time Conker had to retrieve Mrs. Bee's hive.

If Conker were to attempt to enter the Wasp's Hive before he finishes the Uga Buga chapter, a giant Wasp Larvae will pop out and attack Conker. Obviously, the hive isn't accessible at this moment.