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Wasps are a species of insect found in Conker's Bad Fur Day, they are villainous bugs and cause constant trouble. They majorly appear in Windy and minorly in Barn Boys.

Conker's Bad Fur Day[]

Mrs. Bee[]

In Conker's Bad Fur Day, Wasps and Bees were shown to be enemies as this stems from Wasps causing the bees much trouble. Conker meets Mrs. Bee, the matriarch of the bee species, and tells him that the villainous wasps have stolen her hive from her and asks him to get it back, when Conker reaches the outside of the Wasp Hive the gang Wayne and the Wankas appear and start chasing Conker intent of stabbing him with their stingers and getting the bee hive back. When Conker retrieves the bee hive for Mrs. Bee she will use the in-built machine gun and blast the wasp gang to bits.

Wasps' Revenge[]

Waps attack

The gang Wayne and the Wankas appear once again, stealing the bee hive and taking it to their nest, this time they take the hive inside the nest and Mrs. Bee asks Conker to rescue her hive again. Conker then enters the nest (which was previously guarded by an enormous wasp larvae) and find the hive in the center of the interior, Conker then must shoot large armies of wasps that appear from the alcoves. When Conker is finished with the armies he then runs out and is once again chased by the revived Wayne and the Wankas, when Conker brings the hive back Mrs. Bee then uses the machine gun again, this time with more explosives killing the gang in a more bloody fashion.

Slam Dunk[]

A small group of Wasps appear in the Slam Dunk mission of Barn Boys, when Conker is scaling the ladders into the sky he will see some wasps, if he is near the wasps then they will proceed to sting him, causing him to fall down the ladder.