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This article is about the chapter, for the species, see Uga-Buga.

Uga Buga is the sixth chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is a dinosaur-themed world, with lava & volcanoes, T-rex's, cavemen (those of which are strange humanoid creatures) and a very funky rock nightclub. In one section Conker must surf a lava course with an anti-gravity surfboard. The previous chapter is Sloprano and the next is Spooky.


Drunken Gits[]

Conker falls into the prehistoric world of the Uga Bugas, making his way into the worship room of a giant T-Rex head. Conker is amazed, and he asks the Maestro to change the music to more of a tribal-beat (breaking the fourth wall). Conker then has slingshot access to the next room, where he sees a giant egg.


Conker hatches a baby dinosaur from the gigantic egg he found. He must guide the dinosaur to the sacrificial stone slab where he sacrifices the baby dinosaur to give the statue head god an offering, which allows him access to the Dino god's inner halls.


The Dino Baby.


Conker must enter the inner hallways of the dinosaur god, which are filled with slimy green snot. The statue's snot problem is cured with pepper in its nostrils. Conker comes to the outer back head of the god, and, after taking the headwear of a dead caveman, he then heads back.

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Conker comments on his new head-wear.


After Conker exits the statue and back to the worship room, the nearby Uga Bugas then begin to worship him as their leader. Conker then leads his followers to destroy the four sleeping rock men outside the club Rock Solid. When done with that, he has his worshipers tell him the password to allow the bouncer give him access to the Rock Solid club.


The Ugas bow to Conker.

Rock Solid[]

Conker enters the groovy club Rock Solid and sees Berri trapped in a cage. In order to free her, he must roll several balled-up Rockmen (but not Rockwomen) onto a switch and into several holes by getting drunk and urinating on the rock men near the holes. Once all of the holes are filled, the cage containing Berri crashes, freeing her. She then runs out of the club, and Conker follows her, stopping only to snatch a wad of cash from the cage's debris.

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Bomb Run[]


"...And if you don't pull it off, I suggest you leave town."

The bouncer at the club takes Conker to the the boss, Don Weaso, who brought him here because he took his money (the money that was in the cage Berri was in). he then dismisses Berri from the meeting. Before the Don deals with Conker, he kills his red mafia boy for not showing respect to him (in a homage to The Untouchables). He then tells Conker of his job to eliminate the Uga Bugas in the cave world by dropping a bomb in a certain area. Conker must now run through the worship room, through the insides of the dinosaur god, past the ledge where the dead caveman was, and throw the bomb below him (where the egg shell of the baby dinosaur is). The entire room is flooded with lava, and Conker must hop on rocks to the far side of the volcano.


Conker steps outside to see a caveman near him, asking for directions, he is mugged by four cavemen , he then takes the hoverboard of a caveman who farted and fell into the lava. Conker must now race his way up to each caveman, knock them with his pan and collect the money. After repeating this until all cavemen have been killed, he must slide up a ramp and into a hallway where he travels to a Colosseum.

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Conker rides the hover board.

Raptor Food[]

Conker rides into a colosseum where he meets Buga and Jugga, Buga sends him Fangy, and Conker must tame him and have Fangy eat some Uga Buga infantries. Two waves of these infantries attempt to kill Conker with weaponry, starting from bones to throwable spears. After the all infantries are down, Buga becomes infuriated when Jugga comments that Conker has a "bigger bone" than Buga. He tries to impress her by going to the Colosseum himself to kill Conker with his bone club.

Fangy Chasing

Conker running from Fangy.

Buga the Knut[]

Conker must face off against Buga the Knut, by ramming his crotch with Fangy's head, and then have Fangy bite his butt and rip out a chunk of it, after doing this three times, Buga runs off embarrassed when his loincloth falls off to reveal his small "bone". Conker dismisses the sad Fangy and goes to meet Jugga but faints when he sees that she is much taller than him, Jugga then bids Conker goodbye, and Conker proceeds to exit the Uga Buga world by going back to the Poo Mountain exit through a new upper pathway. He then returns to the grassy hub-world of Windy.


  • In Conker: Live & Reloaded, during the scene where Conker needs to say the password to get into Rock Solid, the word "Felation" was bleeped out, and Conker covered his mouth at the sound of the beep. This was not the case in Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • Conker's headwear appears to be the head of the title character of Rare's Sabrewulf.


  • This dinosaur themed world could be a parody of Terrydactyland, the prehistoric world in Banjo-Tooie.
    • The way Conker sits on the egg for it to hatch could be a parody of how Kazooie from Banjo-Tooie had to sit on an egg for it to hatch.
  • The green slime tunnel inside of Uga Diety's mouth resembles the poo inside the Great Mighty Poo's lair in Sloprano.
  • The part when Conker chases the Uga Bugas with the hoverboards in the lava is similar to the race in Hot Top Volcano with hovercraft. Both of them use hovers, have brontosauruses and are a race in the lava.
  • This is the only chapter that cannot be accessed directly via Windy. Uga Buga is accessed only after the Sloprano chapter.
  • While the pronunciation of the chapter name is the same as the name of the cavemen, the spelling is slightly different. Uga Buga, as in the chapter, is separated by a space, while Uga-Buga, referring to a caveman, has a hyphen.