This article is about the race of cavemen, for the chapter of Uga Buga, see Uga Buga.

Uga buga cavemen

Uga-Bugas are humanoid creatures who appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day and it's remake, Conker: Live and Reloaded they are humanoid cavemen who worship a giant stone snake. When Conker first enters the world, he squashes an Uga-Buga with a giant stone statue. After going through the snot-filled tunnel of the stone snake, he finds a dead Uga-Buga and takes his headdress. Emerging from the statue's mouth, Conker becomes the leader of four Uga-Bugas. Buga the Knut is the giant Uga-Buga king whom Conker must face off in the end. It's beyond annoying.

There are Uga-Bugas that wield stone clubs, which they'll attack with if Conker steps in their walking path. When Conker collects and wears a pelt hat, there are four Uga-Bugas that will treat Conker as a leader and follow him, who help fight the drunk stone golems. Again, beyond annoying.


In Conker's Bad Fur Day, the Uga-Bugas are playable characters in the Multiplayer mode Raptor. They can be unlocked in cheat mode by putting the code "EATBOX" to play in Deathmatch mode.


  • The cavemen are the only humanoid creatures seen in Conker's universe.
  • The term "Eat Box" is a reference to oral sex; this is made particularly more evident when one realizes the cheats needed to type in for secret multi characters are almost all references to sex.
  • They have their own language.
  • The Uga Bugas also seem to be a parody of the Unga Bungas from Banjo Kazooie.
  • The Uga Bugas run from the Rockmen, and it's reference by Raiders of the Lost Ark. Indiana Jones is running from the giant boulder from 1981.