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This article is about the race of cavemen. For the chapter with the name of Uga Buga, see Uga Buga.

Uga-Bugas are humanoid creatures who appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live and Reloaded. They are humanoid cavemen who worship a Deity. They seem to have a neutral-negative stance on Conker, as some will attack him if he wonders too close, with some simply ignoring Conker while others get eaten by dinosaurs such as Dino Baby and Fangy.

When Conker first enters the world, he squashes an Uga-Buga with a giant stone statue and two of them run away from a Rockmen boulder rolling into a room, as one falls into the lava and two are squashed by said boulder. After going through the snot-filled tunnel of the Deity, he finds a dead or drunken Uga-Buga and takes his headdress. Emerging from the statue's mouth, Conker becomes the leader of four Uga-Bugas. Buga the Knut is the giant Uga-Buga King whom Conker must face off in the end.

There are Uga-Bugas that wield stone clubs, which they'll attack with if Conker steps in their walking path. When Conker collects and wears a pelt hat, there are four Uga-Bugas that will treat Conker as a leader, follow him, and help fight the drunk stone golems.


In Conker's Bad Fur Day, the Uga-Bugas are playable characters in the Multiplayer mode Raptor. They can be unlocked in cheat mode by putting the code "EATBOX" to play in Deathmatch mode.


  • These cavemen are the only humanoid creatures seen in Conker's universe. The only other characters would be Buga the Knut, Jugga and Gregg the Grim Reaper.
  • The term "Eat Box" is a reference to oral sex; this is made particularly more evident when one realizes the cheats needed to type in for secret multi-characters are almost all references to sex.
  • There are more giant Uga-Bugas in the audience's arena holding signs saying Conker's name.
  • They have their own language.
  • The Uga Bugas also seems to be a parody of the Unga Bunga Tribe from Banjo Tooie, a similar group of cavemen.
  • The Uga Bugas running from the Rockmen boulder are of reference of Raiders of the Lost Ark. In the iconic scene where Indiana Jones is running from the giant boulder.
  • The headwear that the Uga-Buga cavemen wear appears as the head of Sabrewulf, from an another Rareware game with the same name.