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Total War is a Multi mode in Conker's Bad Fur Day, it is also a Deathmatch map. It is based on It's War chapter in the game.

Total War

The opening cutscene


The Objective for the mode depending on how the player sets it up, is to either eradicate all members of the enemy team, or score points by killing members of the enemy team while not dying yourself. The easiest way to do both of these, is to inflatrate the enemy base, and steal their canister, and bring it to the Sewer Area to set off an alarm, later releasing gas. Unfortunately, this gas kills everyone, unless they are in the Sewer Area with the player that stole the canister, or if they get a gas mask.


  • SHC Base
  • SHC Sniper Nest
  • SHC Canister Area
  • Tediz Base
  • Tediz Sniper Nest
  • Tediz Canister Area
  • Sewer Area
  • Outside Pathway
  • Bridge Area


Available Characters in Deathmatch Version (Without Cheats)[]


  • In the Deathmatch version, there are no Canisters or gas masks.
    • This is likely because the Canister would make the game too easy, or it would be too hard to bring the Canister to the Sewer Area, as you have no allies, and without the Canister, there is no need to get a gas mask.
  • In both Colors and Total war, if you kill too many of your allies you would be marked as a traitor and your allies would try and kill you, but the enemy team would not attack you, though in colors once you take the enemy's flag they will be hostile again.