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Three Towers, a.k.a. The Artifact, is one of the maps playable in Xbox Live & Co. mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is the second future war map of the game and is also the largest map. It takes place on a purple-ish blue planet with much lava flowing around. The Three Towers map gets its name from the three Towers that stand tall on the planet surface.

Mission Brief[]


C5 Chapter X, Fifth Scene, Conker Live & Reloaded

The mission briefing.

"With the two halves of the map now reunited, the long lost resting place of the 'Thing' had finally been located: an abandoned mining outpost way up the Big Rim. However, the secret didn't stay safe very long, particularly when it appeared on the front cover of 'Fur Only'. It was now simply a case of who got there first. Unfortunately Professor von Kripplespac made an immediate wrong turn, ending up (due to the fact the map was printed upside-down) in precisely the right place. As the Tediz commander prepared to excavate the 'Thing', the Squirrel High Command had finally realized their mistake and headed full pelt towards the outpost... They must destroy the 'Thing' before it, whatever it was, destroyed them! Both sides realized the key to victory lay within the Three Towers. Reactivate them to re-route and deactivate the enemy shielding, then bring their firepower to bear and blow the other back to oblivion either SHC's Spawner or the Tediz' excavation."


  • This map has references to both Halo (a ring-like structure arcing up into space) and the movie Alien (a fossilized Mala'kak or "Space Jockey" corpse built into its weapon).
  • The map's name came from The Two Towers, book 2 of The Lord of the Rings. A movie adaptation of The Two Towers was made in December 2002. An extended cut was released in December 2003.

Chapter X Summary[]

"The Thing was real after all, hidden away years before on a remote rock far from home. The winner in this race would definitely take all.