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Conker Live & Reloaded Class Showcase -- Thermophile

The Thermophile is a class in the Xbox Live mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded.

Basic Info[]

Thermophiles, as their name suggests, use many fire-based weapons, such as the Sinurator, their main weapon. They are an effective class, as they can kill enemies and destroy vehicles with relative ease, and are also quite defensive, being immune to Gas Grenades and taking significantly less damage from fire. However, they are one of the slower classes and have very poor long distance combat, even when equipped with their Upgrade weapon, the Fauster.





Tediz New War Thermophile


  • Sinurator - A flamethrower that deals afterburn damage. It has two modes - Napalm and Acid. Napalm deals burn damage to any enemy who gets in the way, but is ineffective against vehicles. Acid can destroy vehicles and harm enemies, but lacks the afterburn effect.
  • Fauster - A long distance lazer that is most effective against vehicles or blockades. It is capable of killing enemies if targeted at them long enough (They will start to glow a brighter red the closer they get to death) they will explode, but this is difficult.
  • Medgun - Although technically not a weapon, the Medgun is a device used to heal teammates. It cannot harm enemies in any way.
  • Napalm - A grenade that immediately explodes into flames when contact is made with any surface.
  • Frag - A standard fragmentation grenade that is capable of blowing up enemies and vehicles.
  • Gas - A grenade that releases toxic gas upon detonation that deals damage over time.


Dragon MK I[]

An all terrain vehicle that shoots flames from the turret located near the back of the vehicle. It can carry a passenger that can fire the turret.

The Dragon MK is essentially the same as the Toad MK II, the only difference being that the turret shoots flames rather than bullets. Sadly, the Dragon MK is considered one of the worst vehicles in the game, as the flames shot from the turret aren't very effective, making it less useful than the Toad MK. It's speed isn't very notable either, but the Toad MK counters this issue by having long range combat. It is not recommended to acquire a vehicle as a Thermophile, as played on foot is much more effective.


  • The Thermophile is the most vocal class in the game.
  • Both Old War Thermophiles appear to be covered in blood despite not having any weapons aside from the Fauster (Which is intended to be long range, and is very ineffective in close combat) that are capable of making an enemy bleed in some way.
  • The Tedi Thermophile seems to be a bit pudgy in comparison to their team mates.


Tediz thermophile

Tediz Old War Thermophile