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The Survivors Gallery

the rifle that the squirrels use

The Survivors are the few squirrels from the SHC who survived the Assault on the Tediz Island. They are Conker, Rodent, The imprisoned soldier, and the first soldier Conker meets, as well as the other squirrels on the boat with the sergeant leaving the island.

The First Soldier[]


the first survivor

After Conker makes his way through the beach he comes across the lone squirrel. The squirrel is appalled that Conker is the only one who survives the assault. He confides in conker saying that he's been 'locked down there for 10 hours' pinned down by the machine gun nests and 'murder holes.' He tells Conker that he needs to take out the above and he is shot by a wide spread of bullets. Conker is then the last soldier capable of completing the mission.

The Imprisoned Soldier[]


The imprisoned soldier



The Imprisoned Soldier is the squirrel in the Casualty Department strapped to an electric chair. After Conker takes out all of the Tediz Doctors, he finds the squirrel and he asks Conker to release him. However he becomes doubtful as to which (there are 2) switch frees him. No matter what switch Conker Pulls, it electrocutes the squirrel for several agonizing minutes. Despite all the shocking, the squirrel is still alive, but barely. Despite this, he (the specific one) never appears again.


Private Rodent is a young member of the Squirrel High Command who teamed up with Conker while fighting Tediz. He wears an Experiment #G7224, suit which makes him invulnerable. After the It's War chapter, he crashes in to The Windmill, destroying it.

Conker Artwork 2 - Conker's Bad Fur Day



Conker is a survivor who fought Tediz and helped Rodent. He defeats most of the Tediz in the game. He arrives at the boat just before the Tediz island self destructs.

Other Squirrels in the Boat[]

The other survivors are seen inside the boat just before it leaves. It is unknown what they did during the game or who they are.


Survivors in the boat