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Count Batula is after his death.
Grinder Saw

The Grinders are extremely dangerous, and that can kill people as a Villager. Count Batula is trying to sucks Conker's blood, and he turned into a Bat, and Count Batula turned into a Vampire Bat. Count Batula is hanging upside down, and Count Batula trying to drinking blood, and Conker turned into a bat, and he was captured Villagers, and drop into the grinders. Then, Count Batula drinking blood, and he said, "I think, I drunk too much!" Count Batula drops on the grinders to squash to death, and Conker Bat turn into the Normal Squirrel, and Conker give a vomit by turning into the bat. Conker will never escape from Count Batula's Mansion. Conker looking at the Zombies, and Conker will shot the Zombies with Shotgun. Conker will escape from Count Batula's Mansion, and Conker rides to Mr. Barrel to ride, and never come back to the grinders.



  • Grinders are a blood saw from Count Batula's Mansion.
  • Grinders in Spooky as a chapter right center of Count Batula's Mansion.
  • The Grinders have 2 wheel, and it has a spikes, and they can kill the Villagers.