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The Fast and the Furriest


Developer: Rare
Release dates: Cancelled
Genre: Party, racing
Modes: Single player, multiplayer
System: Xbox Live Arcade
Media: Digital download
Input: Xbox 360 controller

The Fast and the Furriest is a cancelled Conker and Banjo party-type game and later a kart racer. It started its development in 2006 by Rare for the Xbox Live Arcade digital service. Other than the normal joypad, the game could have been played with the Xbox Live Vision camera, to track players' movements in a similar way to the PS2 EYE Toy or Microsoft's own Kinect. The Fast and the Furriest would have included many different mini-games, as 100 meter dash, bungee run, hurdles and tip-tup curling. Each player will be able choose a character like Conker or Banjo which will actually be a "mascot suit". Players will then be able to scan their face using the Vision camera to skin the face opening of the character suit. A playable prototype was created by a team headed by Dale Murchie and composed of developers of Perfect Dark Zero. Only a short video from The Fast and the Furriest prototype was shown at the Develop 2010 Keynote.

Later, the game was included in Rare Replay as a "previously unseen" game where Wil Overton described it as a cancelled kart racer in the style of Diddy Kong Racing. Conker was not in the character list for the kart racer version.