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"Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Do calm down. We have business at hand."
―The Big Big Guy to the Fire Imps.

The Big Big Guy, a.k.a. The Boiler, or The Furnace, is the boss from the Bat's Tower Chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. He is a sentient boiler operated by a pair of Fire Imps that comically has two balls of brass that are his weakness. He speaks with an English accent, though after his balls are whacked, he ends up having his voice go up in octaves due to the agony.

How to Beat[]

First, run to one of the corners, standing on the little square. When the Big Big guy comes, make sure he is near or standing on the big square grate in front of you. Then jump to pull the lever above you, then Liquid Poo will spill on the Big Big Guy, stunning him. After that, run up to his weak spot, his brass balls, and press B to smack them. Repeat this for each of the remaining three corners to knock off his balls and end the battle.


When Conker defeats the Big Big Guy, he falls on his face, blocking the way out; while trying to find another exit, one of the Fire Imps accidentally hits the self-destruct button, making the Big Big Guy explode. After this, use one of the brass balls to weigh down a switch to the exit, and use the other one to dispatch the Clang Gobling blocking the passage. Watch out for the two Fire Imps; they will continue to attack Conker, but he will be unable to fight back against them.


  • "Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Do calm down. We have business at hand."
  • "Balls of brass, sir. Polished to the nth degree!"
  • "My balls! MY BAAAALLS!"
  • "I have poo-poo on my face!"
  • "Not the poo-poo again!"
  • "Agh! No, not the potty!"
  • "I have caca all over my tongue..."


  • The music that plays during the Big Big Guy boss fight is heard earlier, when Conker is being chased by Wayne and the Wankas. A version with a banjo part plays during the first part of the Haybot battle.