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Berri Front Phase 1

This is a rough idea of what the Berrinator would look like.



Chris Seavor giving a spoiler on Twitter.

The Berrinator was to be Berri's new form in the canceled game Conker's Other Bad Day, where she must get revenge on Conker for letting her die in Conker's Bad Fur Day , because of Don Weaso and Panther King.

Berri´s Not Quite Dead! (History Unreleased)[]

Berri is still alive, and this there are two of her (although you won´t realise this until the very end when you get the punnch-line).

The first Berri is the original one, only this time she´s out for revenge on Conker, and is very, very bad. She´s the one who controls the Weasel Professor from behind the scenes until we find out he´s nothing but a robot invented by her after she survived. And how did she survive? Well, inmediately after being blown out the air lock she was picked up by a passing alien craft (along with the professor), and revived. Not only that but she was given incredible technical knowledge by them, then told to return and help her fellow, chipmunks. Of course, instead she´s decided to get revenge and starts building a base on the moon and sets the professor to work on a new strain of Tedizs and the secret weapon: The DeathStarfish. She also clones herself, creating a new almost perfect Berri, into which she will be transplanted (her own body is reconstructed into a cyborg by the aliens) This Berri hangs in a liquid filled container and we´re led to believe it´s the real one.

From out of the heavens a large, grey, arse shaped disk like object appears and positions itself over the windmill. The DeathStarfish has arrived and the countdown to destruction has begun.....

This forms the final part of the game and is mainly concerned with Conker getting to and defeating the Weasel Professor (or so he thinks) and destroying the DeathStarfish before it destroys the world. We are now introduced to the real power behind the DeathStarfish throne... the Cyborg Berri. Looks like Conker´s wedding plans will have to be cancelled.

And Finally......

Onece Conker has defeated Berri with the aid of the Panther King (who ends up being the Emperor of the Known Universe), he returns to his Castle and the Royal Wedding between Conker the King and Bunni the Rabbit commences.....Could this really be the happiest of happy endings of Conker...I don´t think so.

The Berri clone has survived (the one in the fluid-tank) and remembers nothing of the previous days events. She turns up at the wedding just as the words spoken by  Franky:

'If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be wed.....let them speak now, or forever hold their peace...'

Berri clears her throat...............roll end credits.


  • "Berrinator" is a parody of the character in the "Terminator" saga.
  • It is unknown how it could have been "Berrinator", as some sources said that Berri would return as "Panther Queen", other sources saying that it would have the form of "Berrinator", sent to exterminate Conker; besides that the game was canceled.
  • In July 2018, Chris Seavor said that the Berrinator would have X-23 Styled Bone Claws from Wolverine.