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Taj is a genie who helps Conker and his friends in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS (he is unlockable on the DS version). He is a blue Indian elephant and is the genie of Timber's Island. He changes the player vehicle and make challenges of car, hover, and plane, each one worthing one balloon. Sometimes, he also give some tips. He is also the one who gives prizes (balloons and pieces of amulets) in a cutscene after a level is cleared.

He will be everytime walking on Timber's Island center, where the player may call him by touching him or simply using the horn close to him or in the carpet in the format of his face. If he is called by horn out of the carpet, he will simply walk to the player. But if the player use the horn in the carpet with his face, he will teleport himself to there.

Each time the player win a race or a piece of T.T. or Wizpig amulet, he will appear flying on his carpet and give the prize to the player. He also challenges the player to make a 3 lap race around Timber's Island with the three kinds of vehicle and he on his magic carpet.


  • Strangely, Taj has hands, but actual elephants don't have hands.
  • His ears and his snout are very small. The same thing for the tusks.