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The Surf Punks are a small group of punk Uga-Bugas appearing in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. They can be seen in the "Mugged" section in the Uga Buga chapter, where they steal all of Conker's cash. The Surf Punks can be played with in Multiplayer mode, most notably "Race", if one types in "EATBOX" on the Cheats screen in the Options menu.


  • Mohawk Uga Buga
  • Afro Uga Buga
  • Liberty Spikes Uga Buga
  • Bald Uga Buga (named "Simon")


  • The Surf Punks are never referred to by that name in the game.
  • The Surf Punk with the Mohawk seems to be their leader.
  • The bald Surf Punk is the only one who has been identified (the leader calls him "Simon") and also doesn't have any hairstyle.
  • Three of their members appeared in the nightclub Rock Solid.
    • In "Live & Reloaded", a entire group of the Mohawk, Afro, and Liberty spiked Surf Punks are seen around the club and are wearing glasses.
  • The music has a riff that's very similar to Jin Kazama's theme from Tekken 3.