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The Sunflower is a macromastic, anthropomorphic female sunflower that appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded, for whom Mr. Bee left his wife. She is voiced by Louise Ridgeway.

The stacked sunflower is first alluded to in the first chapter, where Queen Bee mentions that her husband left her for another woman and thus was responsible for the hive being stolen. She is first seen in the Barn Boys chapter of the games, located up the right-hand pathway near the entrance. After Franky had hung himself in the Barn, Mr. Bee calls over to Conker as he walks out of the barn. He tells Conker of how his life had been "reduced to the status of a bum". Conker apparently has no interest in what Mr. Bee has to say, and is about to walk away right before Mr. Bee mentions the big-breasted Sunflower, which catches Conker's attention. Mr. Bee points over to her, which he says was his reason why he left his life of luxury. He then asks Conker if he can hook him up with her, offering Cash if he succeeds. When Conker first goes over to her, she is bent over concealing her breasts with her leafy appendages. She states that Conker's tail is too tickly and tells him to go away (although her response of "be that way" as well as her repeated giggling while telling him to go away implies that she was being playful rather than serious about it).


The Sunflower in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Conker then runs into a swarm of Tickly Bees, who immediately start tickling Conker. The bees tell Conker about a ticklish flower, which is revealed to be the Sunflower. When Conker finds four more swarms of Tickly Bees, he goes back to the Sunflower, where the bees start to tickle the Sunflower. The Sunflower then stands up revealing her S-cup sized breasts. Mr. Bee arrives and then proceeds to "pollinate" her offscreen, with the camera showing a disgusted Conker's face, with sounds of the Sunflower's orgasm offscreen. Afterward, Mr. Bee leaves stating he is a new man. She then asks Conker if he fancies "going for a bounce" on her big breasts, in which Conker can do so in order to get some Cash (also remarking that such an action "is what Conker calls a platformer game.").


The Sunflower appears that of a tall lush bright green long stem with a full bloomed head and gold petals that shine, she has sky blue eyes and dons red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. She has huge S Cip sized breasts and her figure appears to be rather femine for such a beautiful flower. On the back of her stem, her rump forms in that of small buttocks lining.

In Live and Reloaded, her petals are wider and she appears to what looks like a little green dress worn on her stem.

Other Sunflowers[]

Other sunflowers can be seen near the entrance to Windy in the Hungover grove in Conker's Bad Fur Day. These sunflowers have eyes and leafy arms similar to the Sunflower in Barn Boys. Additionally, sunflowers appear on the box art of Conker's Pocket Tales, which have a similar appearance to the smaller sunflowers.