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Also known as "SMG" and "Uzis" for some reason, submachine guns are great for newcomers, as they have a fast rate of fire and are fairly easy to aim. Disadvantages include low damage and low range. Machine guns appear in the single player chapter, It's War, Heist, and the multiplayer mode.

+ Long shooting period.
+ Short recharge time.
+ Great rate of fire.


submachine gun in the official illustrations of the game.

-Low damage to enemies.

Submachine Guns reappear in Conker's Big Reunion, as context-sensitive items used to defeat enemies.


Promo image of Conker holding one of the Tediz submachine guns.

Where you can find them[]

Conker's Bad Fur Day[]

Conker's Big Reunion[]


  • Conker can't jump in It's War either or the multiplayer mode when you have the machine guns. Technically in Heist when Conker uses the context sensitive pads when using the machine guns he jumps across the room he jumps with the machine guns, but only technically.