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SHC Sergeant L&R 1

The S.H.C. sarge in live and reloaded.


A squirrel SHC soldier from the original Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Rodent The Squirrel

The Squirrel High Command (more commonly known as the S.H.C.) are the faction of military Squirrels which fight in the war against the Tediz, making them a prominent protagonist force within the series of games.

Conker's Bad Fur Day[]

They first appeared in Bad Fur Day's It's War chapter, where Conker (unwillingly) joined the group when the S.H.C. Sergeant "volunteered" him. In It's War, after a Submarine shot down a fighter plane with two sleeping SHC soldiers inside, the plane crashed, which blocked the exit to the ocean, leaving the troops no way of leaving the port. The SHC Sergeant ordered Conker to get rid of the plane blockade.

After Conker has done his war deeds, the Sergeant doesn't seem to think that Conker's work is done. He then tells Conker "What the hell is that?", and whacks him on the head, knocking him out. Conker awakens in a landing craft, where many other SHC soldiers are on board. After the craft lands on the beach of the Tediz Island, the Tediz shoot all of the soldiers on board, except for Conker.

Conker and three other soldiers are the only survivors of the beach attack. The four head for the entrance to the Tediz Base, however only Conker makes it through to the end. Conker finds another SHC soldier hiding near the entrance, who had been locked down there for the last ten hours, however, Conker witnesses his death from the machine guns of the Tediz in the gunner nests. Conker then finds it that he is the sole survivor, and becomes a true SHC member by infiltrating the Tediz Base and defeating the Little Girl.


An SHC soldier in Multi mode's character select.

In Bad Fur Day's Multi mode, the SHC soldiers are playable in the War and all stages except for Temple in Deathmatch mode.

Conker: Live and Reloaded[]

SHC soldiers also appeared in the Xbox remake. Being a remake, their role was exactly the same as in Bad Fur Day. Like the Tediz, they can be played in Xbox Live & Co. mode, and have six different classes, including their single-player appearance.

The only S.H.C. class that is seen in Story Mode are Grunts, just like the Tediz. In the multiplayer mode, there are six different classes of S.H.C.

Young Conker[]

Squirrel High Command featured in the Bad Fur Day prequel Young Conker, taking the form of the agency that employs Agent Conker and Agent Berri in their spy action escapades opposing Professor von Kriplespac's nefarious schemes. The game introduces various new members of the SHC, such as Conker's boss Miss Metal Cabinets and others.


Old War SHC Force

Future War SHC Force
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