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"A pair of ragged and grouchy old birds who've lived in Vulture Ville since its earliest days — and it seems their tempers haven't improved with age!"
Conker's Pocket Tales instruction booklet

Sol and Luxo are vultures and are the second boss found in Conker's Pocket Tales who is located in Vulture Ville. The two are minions of the Evil Acorn.

When Conker engages battle, he can find the two first off flying onto a platform by being sumoned by the Evil Acorn. Conker must avoid these bosses as they harm Conker, himself. Conker must wait for one of the two to come off a platform so that he may shoot them with a conker. Conker must shoot the two four times, making eight total to fully defeat the two vultures.

When one is down, the other vulture comes down less often and swoops quicker at Conker and he must take the other one down to receive the Diving Mask that the Evil Acorn accidentally left behind. This item allows Conker to swim underwater.



  • "Sol" is the Latin name for the Sun while Luxo consists of the Latin word "lux", which means light.
  • Sol and Luxo resembles Necky from the Donkey Kong series.
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