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For the boss, see The Great Mighty Poo.

Sloprano is the 5th chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live and Reloaded. The theme of the chapter is poo; more specifically, the inside of Poo Mountain, where the fearsome Great Mighty Poo lurks. The chapter is very short but contains good length in its missions and cutscenes.


Corn off the Cob[]

Conker meets a Dung Beetle who is fleeing the mountain, who warns him that a mysterious being is lurking and killing anything it can get its hand on. He also tells Conker that there is some money in an alcove and then flees. A mysterious voice calls out to him to bring him some Sweet Corn. After bringing him all the corn, the mysterious voice reveals itself...


Rolling a poo ball

Sweet Melody[]

Conker meets The Great Mighty Poo, a opera-singing pile of poop. In order to defeat him, Conker must throw rolls of toilet paper in his mouth, get him to scream louder and louder until the alcove glass door breaks (where the money is) and pull a switch that will flush The Great Mighty Poo (who then begins to woe his death similarly to when the Wicked Witch of the West is killed). Conker then sees a way open up from where the Great Mighty Poo was flushed. This new doorway brings him to a new place.

U-Bend Blues[]

Conker comes upon a different world with cliffs and lava, and must swim through a u-bend that's filled with deadly rotating blades and severed body parts. Upon swimming out, he sees two weasels ahead on the pathway bridge.


The alcove where the money and lever is

The Bluff[]

Conker meets the Panther King's dimwitted weasel guards and needs to pay the toll. He also hilariously tricks them into thinking he's not a red squirrel but an elephant. After passing them, he needs to scale a small temple with small guarding red dinosaurs and crash a statue head. When he crashes the statue, he falls into the Uga Buga world.


  • This is the shortest chapter in Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • Sloprano is the most famous in the game mainly because of the boss itself "The Great Mighty Poo" & his opera.