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Conker Live & Reloaded Class Showcase -- Sky Jockey

The Sky Jockey class is a class in the Xbox Live & Co. mode in Conker: Live and Reloaded.

Basic Info[]

As the name suggests, Sky Jockeys specialize in piloting aerial crafts. They are equipped with high powered pistols known as DP 500's, which have two modes - The first shoots one bullet per round, and the other shoots 3, but reloads slower. They also have parachutes for escaping destroyed planes, which can be used to survive falls from any height. They are also equipped with only two grenades: Magnova Grenades and Frags. Like all classes, they carry Spray Cans and through an Upgrade gain Infravision.




Sky Jockey's have no grounded vehicles, but rather operate planes which are widely considered to be the best vehicles in the game.



The Steed is the basic plane operated by the Sky Jockey. It can fire three missiles which reload over time, and has an alternate fire mode that is similar to a machine gun. It has a rocket boost similar to the R-Hog, that allows the Steed to fly significantly faster, although it is temporary. This boost is activated with the right analog stick.


The Mule is slower than the Steed and has no rocket boost, but can function as a form of travel for other players due to the many side seats the Mule has, although only one of these seats can shoot with a machine gun like weapon. The Mule can drop nukes as well, and have a bottom view camera to aim better.


  • Tedi Sky Jockey's have cream colored skin around their eyes rather than purple like the rest of their species. The reason behind this is unknown though it might have be genetic trait.
  • While the Sky Jockey is widely considered to be the class with the best vehicles, they are also considered to be the worst class on foot, due to their low health and damage output. This makes their gameplay rather risky.
  • The parachute can be used even when outside of planes from any height that would result in fall damage. This makes Sky Jockey's essentially immune to death by falling.
  • Despite the tedi and SHC Sky jockeys carrying Krotch 45 in render arts in game they carry DP 500
    • Though it might been, just a promo or they was meant to carry the same weapon as the Long rangers before being swapped for a unique gun.


A Tediz New War Sky Jockey


A Tedi SkyJockey

Sky Jockey parachute1

The Sky Jockey's parachute in Future War.

Sky Jockey parachute2

Sky Jockey's parachute in Old War.