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Tedi with Sabre

A future Sneeker Tedi holding a Sabre.

Sneeker Sabre icon

Sabre as it appears for Old War (left) and Future War (right).

The Sabre is the main weapon of the Sneeker class.

In-Game Description[]

"A perfectly balanced weapon from a more noble age, keen and deadly. Two modes: Attack and Defend. Mind your head!!"

Alternate Modes[]

Sneeker Sabre old

Old War Sabre.

The Alternate Modes of the Sabre include Attack and Defend where the Sneeker turns blue and radiates energy through the sabre either in Attack or Defense positions. Once fully charged, the Sneeker will release a powerful attack which will decapitate the enemy if close enough.


Sneeker Sabre future

Future War Sabre.

The sabre is one of the most efficient weapons to use in Conker: Live and Reloaded. In attack mode the sneeker attacks with a rapid flurry of slashes. With good timing, the Sneeker can perform a 3-hit combo which will always decapitate and instantly kill any infantry it connects with on the 3rd hit, even if the first 2 did not connect. However, due to the fact that it's a melee weapon, the Sneeker has to use their speed and agility effectively to get close, making this weapon a little more difficult to use.


Sneeker Sabre modes

Attack and Defend modes for Old War (left) and Future War (right).

Defend mode will envelop the Sneeker in a blue aura, holding the blade flat by the side. In this mode, the Sneeker is completely impervious to weapons that utilize bullets (Such as the Long Ranger's sniper rifle and revolvers, the Sky Jockeys revolvers, the Grunt's Sturm 21 or the Demolisher's Strayfur, and even Gun Turrets) and can charge and unleash a devastating spinning attack that decapitates every enemy within reach. This attack, if used right, can be the Sneeker's most devastating weapon. However, the Sneeker is left vulnerable afterward as they attempt to shake off the dizziness caused by spinning so fast, for this reason, a jump will cancel its effect animation, however jumping or landing from midair or attacking with the charged slash will not defend you against these bullets so be careful and use it wisely.


  • when wielding it you gain the ability to survive high falls, which might be a reference to the katana from the original badfur day.
  • In future war if you select your attack pose, it shows an early version of the SHC sneeker.