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The SHC Sergeant or simply S.H.C. Sergeant is an immense, brawny squirrel sergeant part of the Squirrel High Command in the It's War chapter of the popular N64 game Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded.

It's War[]

The Sergeant is first seen in a cutscene video, where he states that there is a war going on and that all should join. Afterwards, when Conker enters the harbor and the SHC plane has been shot down, he is seen chewing out Conker but says that he can make up for his attire by unblocking the route out to sea. Afterwards, the Sergeant commends Conker, but then screams "What the hell is that!?". When Conker turns around, the Sergeant sucker punches Conker in the head and knocks him out.

At the end of the chapter, the Sergeant is seen leaving Tediz Island. Conker, only 20 feet away screams for them to stop. The Sergeant then shows a rare moment of intelligence when he immediately orders snipers to kill the Tediz shooting at Conker. After the boat reaches safety, Conker and the sergeant get into a discussion about the horrors of war and the sergeant shows his dislike that the generals of war are so far away (20 miles).


Despite being a soldier, the sergeant has a very limited knowledge of the military and warfare, along with easily forgetting plans or repeating himself by accident. Because of this, a running gag is him always saying "Feck that shit!" upon messing up.

Quotes in Chapter X[]

Beach Dead[]

  • "Great work guys. Defilade ahead! Now watch those bridges. Move in! Secure the next blockade."
  • "I don't believe it. Excellent work fellas. Now through those trenches and we're nearly there. Remember your training and you will survive. Destroy that door!"
  • "Outstanding work men, you get a crate of beer for that. Now get in there and stop that mad man. Blow his legs off if you have to."

Fortress Deux[]

  • "Oh no guys! The flag's been stolen. Find those thieving #@$#@ and eliminate them immediately." (When the flag is stolen by the Tediz.)
  • "Yeh! We've got the flag. Man coming through. Hurry guys, he's vulnerable out there!" (When the flag is taken.)
  • "Ha! @#$@# idiots, they've dropped it. Quickly guys! Locate that flag and retrieve it." (When the Tediz drop the flag.)
  • "Yeh! Excellent. We are victorious. Look at em all? They're hanging themselves, they're setting fire to themselves. They are in despair. The S.H.C. have claimed another victory." (When the flag is captured.)
  • "Oh no, all is lost, they've captured the flag! This is the end..." (When the flag is captured by the Tediz.)

Castle Von Tedistein[]

  • "Ok, this is it. Get over to that castle now and take down that machine. We don't know what it does, and I reckon we don't want to find out. Let's get to that cable car started up first. Fall in!"
  • "That's it guys. Keep working as a team and we'll get them all before we know it."
  • "Great work guys, cable car is now powered back up again. Repel boarders!"
  • "That's it! The over charge is ready to go. Get your asses into that machine and seal the breach. Move it!"
  • "Oh no fellas. They're pushing us back. Re-power that mast. Priority one!"

A Bridge Too Narrow[]

  • "Hey! Those machine Tediz are working fast. They got our half of the flag. Retrieve that half, pronto."

Three Towers[]

  • "Here we go again fellas. You know the routine by now. Get to that first tower pronto. Can't afford to let this one slip. Hurry now!"


  • "Okay guys, time is of the essence. Get through those gates A.S.A.P!"
  • "That's the first one down, but this is where the trouble begins. Get through that gate and onto the next one."
  • "Yay! Excellent work, fellas. Keep up the pressure, we're winnin' this one! Move it, soldiers, only one more gate to go and we're in..."
  • "Yeehaa! We're in, fellas. Now everyone get in there and lay waste to that Panther bastard. Remember guys, the heart, aim for the heart!"


  • The Bartender seems to have the same design as the sergeant, however their relation to each other is a mystery.
  • The S.H.C. Sergeant is notable for not knowing his military cadence. This may be an indication of a low IQ, though it may also be a sign of poor creativity, as cadences can often be made up on the spot.
  • Given that he attempts to sing a military cadence and the way he talks down to Conker, it hints that the Sergeant is or was at one point a drill sergeant.
  • In either version of the game, his insignia is incorrect for a sergeant (which is three chevrons). In the original game, he has a corporal's insignia (two chevrons), and in Reloaded, he has a lieutenant general's (three stars).
  • The cheat to unlock the S.H.C. Sergeant in Deathmatch mode for Conker's Bad Fur Day is "RUSTYSHERIFFSBADGE".
  • In the Deathmatch Multi mode he shares the same sounds as the S.H.C. Soldiers when he gets hurt.