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"No sneakers!" ― Rockman Bouncer

Rockmen, also known as Rockmonsters, are enemies who appeared in Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. They are made entirely out of rock. Male and female variations of these creatures live in the Uga-Buga world. One Rockman has a earpiece with a built-in microphone while wearing a bowtie. This Rockman works as a bouncer for the Rock Solid club which he guards the entry of. He is also the only Rockman that has dialogue in the game and will often tell Conker "no sneaking."

Unlike their male counterparts, the female variations of Rockmen don't attack or directly interact with Conker.


Male Rockmen have two different arms, each having a fingerless hand in the shape of a fist but don't have any legs. Although they instead have two large rock-shaped feet to move around with. Their head is much smaller in proportion to their body and it appears on the top of their torso. In the remake, the male Rockmen were redesigned to be made up of more rocks, and have four fingers on each hand. There are a few patches of moss growing on their body.

Female Rockmen wear a black-spotted, red lingerie, along with purple eyeliner and lipstick. They also have shoulder-length blonde hair and breasts. In Live & Reloaded, the female Rockmen have a messier grass-type hairdo, and their lingerie is comprised of green moss.

In The Game[]

One of these Rockmen are first seen on a doorstep about to kidnap Berri, as she believed Conker was knocking at her door before opening it. She asks the Rockman, assuming that he was a salesperson, that she wasn't interested in what the Rockman was ever selling. This Rockman then punches Berri and kidnaps her while she becomes very unconscious.

More Rockmen (with a few of them holding bottles of alcohol) are found on the beginning of the Uga Buga chapter, where they will attack and beat him up Conker if he awakes them. Conker must roll one curled up to kill some Uga-Buga. After Conker disguises himself, he can kill those Rockmen with the help of the Uga-Buga. After this, he asks the bouncer for the club's entrance such as it's password. Some male and female Rockmen appear inside the Rock Solid club, dancing to the club's music.

If Conker urinates on a Rockman, it curls up until he stops urinating. The Rockmen will also beat him up, just like the ones outside of Rock Solid. A curled up one appears in Rock Solid, which can be pushed on an alcohol keg. After urinating and curling up a few Rockmen, one of them needs to be push to a narrow path and needs to avoid two females in order to place one onto a another stone platform, which causes a middle path to close and two adjacent pathways to open. Two of them would to be urinated on and would have to roll them down to two separate paths leading to Berri's cage, which can crumble and break apart to free her. A few female Rockmen are seen as dancers on the top floor which can block occasionally Conker's path, who can bump into him. The Rockman can also fall and uncurl itself, meaning Conker would have to do the process again.

When Conker seeks off with a cash wad of money in order to follow Berri, he is caught by the Rockman bouncer who discovers that Conker stolen it and asks where he is going with the money. Despite him claiming that he was following his girlfriend, the bouncer prohibits Conker from doing so and escorts him to see Don Weaso for attempted theft.


  • In a official Nintendo Player's Guide for Conker's Bad Fur Day, Rockmen were referred to as "Rock'ards."
    • In the Prima Official Game Guide for Conker: Live & Reloaded, the Rockmen were referred to as "Stone Giants" instead.