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Rock Solid

Rock Solid.

Rock Solid is a popular dance club that appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. The popular club is located in the Uga Buga world and is guarded by a Rockmen bouncer, who only lets people in if they know the password. Don Weaso is said to own the club.


Rock Solid appears as a dance club with colorful strobe lights and decorative stone walls and floors, with trance music playing. There is a drink bar with a large keg of beer in the back and a long table with a medicine cabinet. There are many people inside the club which consist of Rockmen, & Rockwomen, The thug Uga-Bugas and Berri, there is also a balcony which has several dancing Rockwomen on top, and a cage which holds Berri just below it.

In Conker's Bad Fur Day[]

Before Conker can get inside Rock Solid he must lead a group of worshipping Uga-Bugas to destroy the sleeping Rockmen outside the club, he then meets the bouncer of Rock Solid and must give a password to gain access to the club, the Uga-Bugas give Conker the password, and the bouncer lets him in.

When Conker makes it into Rock Solid he sees Berri trapped in a cage and must free her, he must push a Rockman stone onto the switch near the entrance which opens up a door, he must then drink from the large keg in the bar and become drunk, and urinate on several Rockmen causing them to fall and the urinate on them so they roll into the open doorways, which lead the Rockmen to fall on the cage Berri is trapped inside, doing this enough times, the cage breaks and Berri runs out, passing Conker (whom she does not notice due to the hat on his head) and Conker goes after her, taking the money that was in the cage Berri was in, the bouncer of the club stops him and takes him to see Don Weaso.