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Robo-Spiders, also known as Spider Mines, are large, six-legged, robotic spiders that serve as enemies in the It's War chapter. Unlike real-world spiders, they only have six legs instead of eight. They are seen as forces at the Tediz base on Tediz Island.

Conker first encounters these spiders in the SHC port while Conker guides the TNT Imp on the right-side pathway of the port. They pop out of the ground and start charging at Conker; if they get too close enough to him, they will self-destruct. These guys are usually found in long pathways.

At one point, a whole swarm of Robo-Spiders fill in the hall and chase after Conker. Conker can do nothing but run to the elevator. When he does, a spider nearly makes it to the doors, but the doors shut and severed its leg. These robotic enemies appear again in the "Saving Private Rodent" and "Chemical Warfare" sections of the chapter. They can also fall into acid, in the latter chapter.

Later on, The Experiment releases two Robo-Spiders from its back after Conker defeats him. They were most likely contained inside for a back up plan. These two spiders latch onto the Class Twenty-Two Tank and self-destruct. The tank then explodes, but Conker and Rodent survive, though Rodent does pass out for a while.


  • Robo-Spiders also seem to be a parody of the Vectrocon robotic spiders from the 1984 Michael Crichton film, Runaway.
  • Strangely enough, The Experiment seems to hold two Robo-Spiders inside it as if to be used in a case in which The Experiment were to die. Little Girl referred to them as her "little babies."
  • It's unclear whether the Robo-Spiders were created by the Tediz army, or the Squirrel High Command, although, they are possibly part of the Tediz design, because they attack Conker.