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Reg is a green, talking paintbrush who appeared in the Barn Boys chapter of Conker's Bad Fur Day, as part of Ron's posse. He and Ron constantly verbally abuse their supposed "friend," Franky. He alongside Ron initially order Franky to "kick [Conker's] ass", and claiming that as a paintbrush, he's incapable of doing so when Franky refused. After Conker managed to evade Franky as well as manipulate Franky into taking out several haystacks, Reg backed Ron up and told Franky that his ass kicking was "pretty crap", "abysmal" by ass kicking standards, and also referred to Franky in particular as a "shit bastard, stupid bastard", and also suggested alongside Ron that Franky go commit suicide, even directing him towards a rope he could use to do so right on the barn roof. He then proceeded to mock Franky after it became apparent that hanging himself won't work with Franky due to his lacking any neck, only to be told off by Ron due to repeating his statement. When Conker the Squirrel encountered them shortly after cutting Franky down, Reg repeated Ron's admonishing insult to Conker, "dumb shit", only to be berated again for repeating everything Ron says, with Reg trying to deny it until Ron makes clear he does do that, causing him to sheepishly apologize. Conker eventually grew exasperated with Ron and Reg's harassment towards Franky when they laughed at Franky's declaration of Conker being "[Franky's] bestest buddy in the whole wide world" and stuffed Reg brush-first into Ron's mouth - effectively silencing both of them, since most of what Reg says is merely repeating Ron's words. He later appeared in the Throne Room in the end cutscene, along with Ron. He only speaks twice, both times being him copying whatever Ron had just said (although the second time, he states that he was copying Franky). In Live & Reloaded, his "neck" has the number "12"" on it, representing welcome inches. Although he irritates Ron, he is second-in-command of the Barn Boys. Like Ron, Reg is fearful of Haybot’s return, which came after Franky’s defeat.

Reg appears on the main page of Scribes, indicated by the author's statement " I don't know why our designer chose the ugly, crass paintbrush as our main image here – maybe he's trying to tell me something.".


  • He is named after Reggie Kray of the Kray twins who were brutal London gangsters.