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A Rare Xbox Commercial video.

The Rare Xbox Commercial is a commercial released in 2002 in order to promote the Xbox console, as well as to emphasize that Rare joined the Microsoft corporation. The video shows four Rare characters, Joanna Dark, Conker, Banjo, and Kameo.

This commercial features Joanna Dark at the start walking until she points out her gun to shoot Conker who then lands in the O of the Xbox sign. Banjo then appears, trying to help Conker get out of the O then succeeds. Banjo tells Conker something about the Xbox and Conker doesn't understand what he is talking about. Conker then has an idea and gets out his chainsaw and tells Banjo to get out of the way before he gets hurt. Conker then chops the Xbox Logo and changes it to Rare. Conker describes it "marvelous". A shining light from above then sticks out, showing Kameo, making Conker surprised. Conker stuck his tongue out, threw back his chainsaw (hurting Banjo, in the process) as he appeared to have a crush on Kameo who then puts Conker in her bag and flies away in a bright light.

Characters in order[]



  • Conker has the most lines of any character in the trailer.
  • When Banjo is hit by the chainsaw, his shorts and backpack fly off of him.