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Race racing

Race gameplay.

Race is one of the Multi modes of Conker's Bad Fur Day. It is the racing course taken from the Mugged section of the Uga-Buga chapter, only with a few differences. The Race mode has you on your own Hoverboard, racing on the course to beat other players and finish first. The controls are exactly the same as in the single player game: Press forward to move, A to jump, and B to attack. The default method of attack is a Bone Club, however entering cheats grants the player the ability to either use a Frying Pan or a Baseball Bat instead. When the player attacks someone, they don't wipe-out and die like in the single player mode, but rather flip around on their board and get stunned for a while. There are two different race courses, named Race A and Race B, however both are actually on the same main course.


Race A map.


Race B map.


Their are differences between the race course in Race and the race course in the single player mode. These include:

  • The Brontosauruses are not present on the course.
  • There are bleacher stands on either side of the course in the area where there was originally the second Brontosaur. This marks the race's finish line.

Playable Characters[]



  • Rockets
  • Boosters


  • The Race could have been inspired in Hot Top Volcano (raced by a hovercraft), a level from Diddy Kong Racing.