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The R-Hog is a vehicle used in the multiplayer mode of Conker: Live and Reloaded. It is available to the Sneeker, Long Ranger, and Grunt.


Small and fast, gets you into position as quickly as possible. Boost available as standard.


The R-Hog is a a small and agile all-terrain vehicle, and is the fastest vehicle availible. It is mainly intended for getting individual specialists to positions of import, particularly the Sneeker and Long Ranger. Despite its agility, its speed can sometimes make it difficult to control, and the driver has no protection against enemy fire.


  • The name R-hog might be an abridged name of Road hog.
  • The R-hog was suppose to have a machine gun, which was seen in various early gameplay.
    • In the conker's community site or community conker. The render seen for the R-hog is an early model with a machinegun on its right side in the final game this machinegun was removed.