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"Project Spark? Sounds more like a working title than a game."
Conker in the Conker's Big Reunion teaser trailer[1]
Project Spark

Project Spark logo

Developer: Team Dakota
SkyBox Labs
Publisher: Microsoft Studios
Programmer: Jason Major
Søren Hannibal
Designer: Bradley Rebh
Composer: Laura Karpman
Release dates: October 7, 2014 (WW)
Genre: Sandbox, action-adventure
Modes: Single player, multiplayer
System: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10
Media: Digital download
Input: Mouse/keyboard, Xbox One controller, Xbox 360 controller

Project Spark is a game creation video game for Microsoft Windows 8.1, 10 and Xbox One. Conker's Big Reunion and some Conker assets are available in Project Spark.

A common misconception is that Big Reunion is an actual game. It is really an episodic spin off of Conker's Bad Fur Day, made by the Team Dakota, the developers of Project Spark. The game begins similarly to Bad Fur Day, Conker is awoken with a hangover by Birdy, a protagonist in the original game, he is informed by Birdy that he is late for the "Big Reunion" at The Cock and Plucker, Conker's favorite pub. After the tutorial-like moments of the game involving context sensitive and the game's signature keys, Conker has to pay a tab of $300 to enter The Cock and Plucker. The rest of episode 1 revolves around Conker exploring different locations, such as a brewery and the Tediz Base, in order to obtain $300. With a rather explosive ending...

There are also Conker assets the player can use to create own Conker games. The day Conker was launched in Project Spark, ten worlds made by some members of the community were featured to show what they could make using the Conker assets: for example, the battle with the The Great Mighty Poo was recreated within Project Spark.[2]

On May 13, 2016, Microsoft announced that it had ceased all future development of Project Spark, and that it is no longer available to download effective immediately. Online services ended on August 12, 2016. Measures were implemented for those who had purchased the game before its transition to a free-to-play model.