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The Programmer is the text on the screen appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day and the remake Conker: Live & Reloaded that Conker talks to at the end of the game. Not much is known about the programmer. We can assume that he or she is working for Rare. The only time the Programmer shows up is in the Heist chapter of the game. This is when the programmer helps Conker receive the weapons he needs to defeat Heinrich. After this the programmer unfreezes the game and Conker is able to defeat Heinrich. At the end when Conker is declared king he tries to call the programmer back to see if they can bring Berri back to life. However, no one answers.


The programmer seems to be able to do anything. He is first seen talking to Conker, via command prompt. Conker asks him to get rid of the Bank vault background and asks for a weapons rack. When it comes up, Conker merely has to take a few steps to find what he wants: A shotgun, a crossbow and the weapon he uses to kill Heinrich; the katana. After that, the Programmer takes Conker and Heinrich back to the Panther King's Throne Room. He unfreezes the game on Conker's mark, and is never seen (or heard from) again.


  • This is one of the two people (supposedly) to work on the game that can be attributed to developers working at Rare. The other is the Maestro.