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Conker rolling a pooball

Pooballs are round fecal balls that come from Poo Mountain and are created by the farm of Poo Cabin. The production of Pooballs is overseen by the Dung Beetle manager of Poo Cabin. Pooballs are made via feces from the Cows; When they've drunk enough Prune Juice, they will contract severe diarrhea, which is used to make the Pooballs.

When a Pooball is created, it will be shipped down a pipe just outside the cabin. Conker can then roll the Pooball up Poo Mountain to the summit door (killing an enormous dung beetle while doing so), which allows him access into Poo Mountain and the Sloprano chapter.

Conker can also roll a Pooball down a pathway that causes it to fall on an unsuspecting Clang Gobling blocking a switch that allows access to the Bat's Tower chapter.