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Poo cabin

Poo Cabin.

The Poo Cabin is a small farm-themed cabin situated in the "Poolands" section of Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. It is in the vicinity of Poo Mountain, and only opens around 10:00 am, which is about the time that Conker opens up the door to the barn in Barn Boys. It is a cabin where Poo is processed and turned into Pooballs. In Live & Reloaded, Clang Goblings appear as enemies in this cabin, and flies buzz and swarm in a field appearing as background imagery.

When Conker first enters the cabin, a Dung Beetle, who owns and runs the cabin, appears at the counter, and orders Conker to go down into the cabin's basement and out into Bugger Lugs's field. After Conker makes the Cows drink Prune Juice, which gives them "the screamin' squits", the cows constantly poo into the Poo Cabin from a barred up hole in the center of the field.

Afterwards if Conker goes back into the Poo Cabin, it will be filled up with poo, no matter how long or how much the cows had crapped into it. Here, Conker learns how to swim underwater with the use of Confidence Pills. A wad of Cash worth $100 can be obtained in the cabin. Bugger Lugs's corpse is also seen floating the water.

In "Sloprano", after the Great Mighty Poo's boss fight, if Conker was to fall down to down the bottom of the hole in Poo Mountain, he ends up back into the cabin's entrance. This cabin is closed off for the night starting at the beginning of the "Spooky" chapter.


The unreachable chocolate piece


  • In the section that Conker has to climb, there appears to be a rather large grate with a piece of chocolate just beyond reach through the bars. It looks as though the tunnel continues off to the left as well, which led many players to scour the level to find some way to open the grate and gain access to the tunnel beyond. The grate even managed to appear in the remake, Conker: Live & Reloaded, and once again could not be unlocked to gain access to the chocolate and whatever secrets might have been waiting just beyond the corner. Years later, Chris Seavor confirmed in the YouTube developer's commentary that the grated area and chocolate were nothing more than a red herring meant as a playful prank on curious players and that the grated off area is a dead end with nothing else hidden within.