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Paulie is a weasel that appears in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. He is a part of the Weasel Mafia. Don Weaso beats him to death with a baseball bat because he has shown no respect. Paulie only appears once in the entire game. Paulie can be played in multi if a person chooses red in Heist. He can also be played as in Free for All, if the code "CHINDITVICTORY" is entered, but only the first player can play as him.


  • Paulie's Beating is a reference to The Untouchables, where Al Capone bludgeons one of his fellow gangsters suspected of committing treason repeatedly with a baseball bat during a dinner meeting (and was itself based on a real life event involving Capone where he lured three treasonous hitmen to a banquet in their honor only to promptly beat them unconscious with a baseball bat and then finish them off with gunshots).
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  • A scene that was dummied out of the game that took place around Don Weaso's meeting with Conker revealed that the specific reason why Paulie ended up executed besides simply disrespecting him was because, like Conker, Paulie attempted to "steal his dough." And in fact, he was the last person who tried to do so before Conker was brought before the kingpin.[1]

Notes and references[]

    Don Weaso: Ah yeah... tryin' to steal my dough, would you? Y'know what happened to the last guy who tried to do that? // Conker: Ahh... I don't think I need free guesses. // Don Weaso: No. You saw what happened. [referring to his then-recent execution of Paulie]