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The Panther Kingdom is the world in which Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded takes place. It contains the Hungover, Windy, Bat's Tower, Barn Boys, Sloprano, Uga Buga, Spooky, It's War, and Heist worlds, as well as the Panther King's Castle.

The Panther Kingdom is a world dominated by the Panther King; despite this, the kingdom is populated by many animals and living objects, mostly Squirrels, Goblings and Weasels - no actual Panthers other than the King are seen in the game, so they may reside in an unknown location in the universe of Conker.

It should be noted that, Weasels are the main antagonists of the game, and although they are not fought until the end, they seem to work like a mafia governing the Uga Buga scenario and serving the Panther King, and its most likely that Professor Von Kriplespac created the Tediz in fact they rule the Panther Kingdom under the table.

At the end of the game, Conker is marked king of the area after he defeats Heinrich. He, however, is still upset about his girlfriend, Berri, and her death as the programmers did not revive her, thus setting up a sad ending.





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