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The castle as seen in Conker's Bad Fur Day

The Panther King's Castle is the lair of The Panther King, its is located in Windy atop a large hill. with a great tower that holds the throne room. It is on a hill that has a small pathway that spirals down to Windy. Little of the interior is shown besides the Throne Room, which is a  candle lit room were the Panther King resides. It has a large chair for him and a table for his milk. The only entrance and exit is two large wooden doors, flanked by the Panther King's loyal but somewhat dumb and aloof guards. Another room shown in the castle would be Kriplespac's laboratory, which is full of typical mad scientist machinery, a couple tables full of creepy lab stuff such as chemestry, other experiments and even a glass jar containing the head of a Tedi, showing his connection to the Tediz Army.

Panther king castle

On the outside (which can be seen as part of the main backgrounds in both games) the castle itself has a very cliché appearance akin to villainous bad guy castles. Having darkly colored bricks, several stories high of fortress walls and pointy-roofed towers with round-door shaped windows that glow yellowish light colors in both day and night, it also has a very large gate with a frightening grim face. When the player reaches Count Batula's Mansion in the Spooky chapter; they will be able to see the castle in a sideways view. It should also be noted that it can also be seen at the entrance to the Feral Reserve Bank, as it is part of the castle.

It is unknown if the castle originally belonged to Professor Von Kriplespac during his days as the Weasel King before he lost his legs in the Milk Wars, but the connection is possible. the obvious hints that Kriplespac WAS the owner of the castle are the Milk Wars, the Weasel guards in the castle and the bank, and his laboratory in which several of his Tediz experiments take place in.

It's only right after Conker defeats Heinrich in the Throne Room at the end of the game that the whole castle belongs to Conker when he's declared king of all the land.