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N64 Controller W

The common N64 conrtoller.

A Nintendo 64 controller was the main input controller used for the Nintendo 64. The main color for a controller was a light gray color, however later colors were revealed, those being red, green, yellow, black, and blue, as well as special see-through editions of those colors, with purple being an exclusive. A total of four controllers could be inputted into an N64 system at one time, allowing for a total of four-player simultaneous multiplay.


Their are a total of 10 buttons on an N64 controller, as well as a control stick and an uncommonly used D-Pad.

A Button[]

The A Button is one of the commonly used buttons on the controller. It is the blue button on the right side of the controller. In most games, it is mainly used to Jump, and in shooting games, it was used to either reload, as seen in Conker's Bad Fur Day, or swap weapons, as seen in Goldeneye 007. The button is also used to make selections in menu options.

B Button[]

The B Button is one of the commonly used buttons as well. It is the green button on the right side of the controller, northwest of the A Button. The primary function of the B Button is used differently in many games, with a large percentage of games having the button as an attack button, as seen in every Rare platformer, however the B Button has been seen used as a reload button, a brake button (in racing games such as Diddy Kong Racing.), and an alternate shooting button. In menu options, the button is used to undo a selection or go back one menu window when making selections.

C Buttons[]

Each Nintendo 64 controller is riddled with four yellow C Buttons on the right hand side of the controller. They are the Up C button, the Down C button, the Right C Button, and the Left C Button. The use of the C buttons varies from game to game, with most of them using the buttons as camera controls. In the Banjo-Kazooie games, when the player is holding down the Z Button, pressing one of the C buttons will activate a specific move once that move has been learned. In Coner's Bad Fur Day, when Conker has a weapon out such as the Shotgun, pressing the C buttons will cause Conker to move in the direction the C buttons are directing without changing the direction Conker is facing. In the Legend of Zelda Ocarnia of Time and Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask these buttons are used to equip items.