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The Napalm Grenade is a grenade used by the Thermophile and Demolisher classes in the Xbox Live & Co. multiplayer of Conker: Live & Reloaded. When thrown to any floor surface, a huge bed of fire will appear where the grenade hits.


Explodes with a burst of liquid fire. Nearby enemies are doused in flame, causing persistent damage.


The Napalm Grenade is an incendiary hand grenade that explodes on contact with any flat surface. When the grenade has exploded, a large bed of fire will erupt exactly where the grenade landed. The exact center of the bed is indicated by where the grenade came into contact with the ground. Any foot soldier that comes even within a foot of range from the fire bed will instantly be set ablaze, receiving critical damage, even with soldiers with high HP such as the Demolisher (which ironically has access to Napalm Grenades).

When thrown at a wall or directly on a soldier's body, a small fiery flash will occur, but no bed of fire will appear, making it a wasted grenade. It would be best to throw the grenade straight toward the ground, however be cautious as you might catch fire as well. The Napalm Grenade is mainly used for close-encounter offense, and as it is the fifth-heaviest grenade of the multiplayer, it falls rather quickly. Getting too close to an opponent will probably result in the grenade hitting the soldier, resulting in a waste of Napalm.

A special effect to the Napalm Grenade is that it has absolutely no effect to the Thermophile class, who has access to the grenade. When a Thermophile comes into contact with the fire bed, the Thermophile does catch on fire, however no health is lost, and the Thermophile does not panic when ablaze.

Whenever any soldier (besides Thermophiles) sets ablaze, they start panicking by moving in frightened motions, i.e. waving their arms, and as well as start yelling out panicked phrases. The grenade is extremely useful against the Sneeker and Long Ranger classes, however can also be effective against the other classes (besides Thermophile), causing great damage.


There is a glitch involving the Napalm Grenade that involves the grenade being thrown near a cliff or edge. The flat surface area that the grenade landed on sets aflame, however, the part that did not set on fire (the empty space beyond the cliff's edge), will catch on fire at about 8 feet into the air.