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Mr. Barrel is a mysterious being that inhabits barrels. He can be found in Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. He is somewhat greedy with the price when it comes to using him.

In Conker's Bad Fur Day[]


Mr. Barrel can first be found on top of the Windy chapter's Windmill mountain, if Conker talks to Mr. Barrel before he has the correct amount of money, he will ask that he comes back with more money. When Conker pays him $2,110 dollars, Conker can ride and roll on top of him, Conker must roll down the spiraling hill, killing the vicious earthworms in the process, when he reaches the bottom, Conker will fall off Mr. Barrel and fall unconscious, Mr Barrel will also roll into the blocked off river passage that is used to gain access to the Spooky chapter.


Mr Barrel is found inside Count Batula's Mansion in the Spooky Chapter. After getting all three of the Keys inside, Conker can ride on him again to leave the mansion, crushing any Zombie, Skeleton Earthworm, or Baby Doll in the way. He can be ridden all the way up the river to an exit, however cannot be ridden past that area, as he explodes when he comes in contact with the shore. If Mr. Barrel breaks in the river area, he can be found again right before the entrance to the cemetery. After Mr. Barrel is used to exit Spooky he is never seen again.



  • Mr. Barrel seems to be based off of Klobber, another barrel dwelling creature from the Donkey Kong Country series, another series made by Rare.
  • Even after paying Mr. Barrel, Conker still has the same amount of money he had before, even though he is not seen calling the money back.
  • He may be a ghost in Spooky, as he exploded at the start of the chapter.