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"The tropical paradise of the Mako Islands has inspired many of the Acorn People to begin a new life there."
Conker's Pocket Tales' instruction booklet
Mako Islands

Conker in Mako Islands.

Mako Islands is the fourth world in Conker's Pocket Tales. When Conker swims to the Central Island, the Beach Acorn tells him "there is an annual boat race in the islands. Conker can participate, but also has to travel the islands to find parts to build his own boat. Conker, then has to go and travel the islands to find pieces to his own boat. there is also a series of minigames he must complete to earn his boat pieces. These minigames include racing Honker, jumping hurdles, and long jumps.

Points of interest[]

  • Central Island
  • North Island
  • East Island
  • South Island
  • West Island



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