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Magnova Grenades are a type of grenade used in the multiplayer mode of Conker: Live and Reloaded. It is availible to the Grunt, Sneeker, Sky Jockey, and Long Ranger.

In-Game Description[]

"Electromagnetic impulse charge. Disables vehicles and sentry drones. Detonates hidden mines"


Magnova Grenades are used to counter terminal tools, weapons and vehicles. They will temporarily disable any Earth or Sky Guards and detonate any landmines in their blast radius.

The Magnova Grenade can disable any vehicle's movement for 10 seconds, however the vehicle can still fire its weapons. Anyone inside cannot exit the vehicle for the duration of the effect, putting them at risk. The effect is slightly different for the Sky Jockey's Steed, where it can only move up and down, and loses the ability to aim.