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Louise O'Connor

Louise O'Connor (maiden name Louise Ridgeway) (born 24 July 1978)[1][2] is a Rare employee, animator, and voice actress. She was the lead animator for the Conker games, as well as the voice actress for Berri, the Sunflower, Jugga, and the SHC Sneeker. She had also done voicework for other Rare games such as Kameo: Elements of Power and Viva Piñata.


Louise spent most of her life growing up in Dublin, Ireland[3][4] and studied classical animation at the Ballyfermot College.[5] While there, she met her future husband, Jonathan O'Connor,[6] who she married in 2012[7] and gave birth to a daughter named Zoe (born 10 February 1998)[8] during her first year of college.[5] Ridgeway later left midway through her degree[2] and went to work at Rare on games such as Conker's Bad Fur Day. In addition to serving as an animator, she also provided the voices of several female characters such as Berri, the Sunflower, and Jugga. Louise had also worked on Viva Piñata where she voiced Leafos which earned her an award for Outstanding Character Performance at the 2007 Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Awards.[9] She served as the Head of Animation[10] and was later promoted to an Art Director at Rare.[11] In 2017, Ridgeway was made executive producer for the upcoming game Everwild.[2][12]


  • Her favorite video game of all time is Resident Evil 4.[5]
  • In The Making Of Conker's Bad Fur Day documentary that was featured in Rare Replay, Ridgeway recalled that during the making of the Saving Private Ryan portion of the "It's War" chapter, for which she spent months animating, caused her to have nightmares of squirrels burning as a result.[13]
  • Ridgeway animated Conker's idle animation of him juggling as well the scene in the "Heist" where Berri runs up the wall.[14]
  • Ridgeway also provided the grunts in gameplay for that character Kameo in the game Kameo: Elements of Power.
  • Upon being asked to voice Berri, she had stated that she hadn't been anyway, only just flying in from Dublin and was asked to do an American accent, so all she can think of was adding "like" all the time in her sentences. She looks back and on hearing her voice for the character, she cringes, she calls it "awful".