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Conker Live & Reloaded Class Showcase -- Long Ranger

The Long Ranger is a class in the Xbox Live & Co. mode of Conker: Live & Reloaded.


As their name implies, the Long Ranger class is best suited for long-range combat, most notably by their use of the Widowmaker, a high-powered sniper rifle. They are decently fast and have relatively poor defences, as they aren't intended to be around the danger. While their close combat is poor, even with an Upgrade, they perform very well in long range combat, and are good at taking down both vehicles and infantry alike.




  • Widowmaker- A sniper rifle, the main weapon of the Long Ranger. Upon clicking the left analog stick, you will zoom in. Initially, you will only be able to zoom once, but upon acquiring an upgrade you will be able to zoom in twice.
  • Krotch 45- A dual pistol, the secondary weapon of the Long Ranger.
  • Medgun- Technically not a weapon, the Medgun is a device used to heal teammates. It cannot harm enemies in any way.
  • Stun- A flashing stun grenade.
  • Magnova- An electromagnetic pulse discharge grenade.
  • Frag- A standard fragmentation grenade acquired from Upgrades.


  • R-Hog- A small, fast four wheeler. Clicking the left analog stick will activate a quick rocket boost, enabling the vehicle to go much faster for a short amount of time.


  • The Long Ranger's name is obviously a reference the The Lone Ranger.
  • The SHC Long Ranger's design is oddly complicated in comparison to the rest of his team, even when counting the Tediz. Although all the characters have little quirks in their designs, the SHC Long Ranger appears to have a rabbits foot (Which is considered lucky) hanging off his back, and is also missing his right eye and tail and also in the future war he has a missing ear, giving him a very specific design that stands out. This could suggest a potential story behind his character but this has never been confirmed or denied, leaving it unknown, as it is never explored anywhere in multiplayer or his dialogue.
    • A theory that has drifted around is that the missing eye and tail are simply from bad luck, which is why he carries around the rabbits foot - For luck, to prevent any more accidents. This is still slightly odd as no other character has an in-depth design that carries a story.
  • The future long ranger tedi's design is intresting since this is the only machine tedi type and the only tedi in the entire race that been known to have a purple nose instead of blue snout