Lady Cogs are cogs that appear Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & 'Reloaded. Carl the Cog tells Conker to either bring back his missing cogs, or to "fuck off". When he catches one he has to bring it back to Carl. After all three cogs are returned, Conker spins the wheel. When spinning too fast, Carl flies off his peg and the cogs exact revenge by sticking him on Mr. Big Cog. One thanks Conker by kissing him (the cog that kisses him depends on which color you take back to Carl first) and they leave on vacation. The red one is last seen celebrating Conker's victory as the new king. They (or at least one of them) have Southern American accents.

When first putting the first one on its peg, Conker will put it on facing the wall, then comment on how it looks backwards. He will then turn it back around, much to Carl's displeasure.


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