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Lady Cogs are small female cogs that are colored red, green, and blue and have eyes, cheeks, and lips that appear Conker's Bad Fur Day and Conker: Live & Reloaded. Carl the Cog tells Conker to either bring back his missing cogs, or to "fuck off". When he catches one he has to bring it back to Carl. After all three cogs are returned, Conker spins the wheel. When spinning too fast, Carl flies off his peg and the cogs exact revenge by sticking him on Mr. Big Cog. One thanks Conker by kissing him (the cog that kisses him depends on which color you take back to Carl first) and they leave on vacation to the Caribbean with suitcases.

The red one is last seen celebrating Conker's victory as the new king (a green lady cog also appears in the throne room in a cutscene in the remake). They (or at least one of them) have Southern American accents. When first putting the first one on its peg, Conker will put it on facing the wall, then comment on how it looks backwards. He will then turn it back around, much to Carl's displeasure.


  • The suitcases that the lady cogs hold have over three stickers on them, which are the names of a few real-world locations. The stickers have different location names between Conker's Bad Fur Day and its Xbox remake Live & Reloaded.
    • In the original, aside from the Caribbean, the two other stickers have the name of two European cities, Twycross, England (which is also the origin of Rare Ltd.) and Paris, France.
    • In Live & Reloaded, the top two stickers each read an American state, which are New York and Hawaii. The bottommost sticker reads the name, Nuneaton, which is a town in the aforementioned England.
  • In Live & Reloaded, after Conker defeats Heinrich and he becomes king, a green lady cog can be seen in the background, next to the throne.


Lady Cogs: (giggles while being pursued) (once caught) "HELLLP! HELP!" (approaching Carl) "Oh no, not that. Anything but that." (voices muffled when in placed) Lady Cog: (depending on which color) "I do declare, Ladies, were are free at last to exact out revenge on this evil cog. grab him!.

(The Lady Cogs beat up Carl and stick him onto Mr. Big Cog offscreen)

Lady Cog: (depending on which color) "Why thank you Mr. Squirrel".

(Kisses Conker).

Lady Cog: (depending on which color) "Come on, ladies it's the Caribbean for us".

(Red Lady Cog in the throne room, green lady cog appears in the throne room in the remake).

Red Lady Cog: "I heard the good news. We come back from holiday, as soon as we could, just to celebrate with you on this wonderful, momentus occasion".

(Red Lady Cog looks back).

Red Lady Cog: "Didn't we ladies?".